LAW CONNECT LLC opened its doors on 20th May 2015, as a full service firm and has been serving the needs of various segments of society from young and old, rich and poor, business owners and business establishments, whether corporates or sole proprietors or partnerships.

Whether it is an advisory for a due diligence matter on insurance law for an overseas listing or a personal injury matter for an individual who has suffered injuries or lost a loved one through a motor accident, the matter is dealt with dedication, interest and passion to its conclusion.

Through its lawyers and staff, LAW CONNECT LLC also handles myriad types of other legal services such as divorce matters, employment law, mental capacity applications, criminal matters, Protection from Harassment Act (POHA) claims, defamation claims, landlord and tenant, trademark applications, debt collection and even an appeal from a decision of the Tribunal for Maintenance of Parents.

Besides litigation (court matters) LAW CONNECT LLC also affords corporate clients affordable advisory services for drafting (creating) and reviewing all types of legal documents as we have valuable inhouse legal counsel experience and understanding which we put to good use.